Pre-Marital/Marital Coaching

When a contractor gets ready to build a house, he or she makes sure that they have the necessary tools and supplies to build said house. Even before there is a contractor there must first be an architect who designs and makes sure that the house has all the necessary components, rooms, and requests made by the person the house is for. That's exactly what premarital coaching is. It helps you prepare for and build strong foundations for the health of the marriage. We help you prepare for a marriage like a wedding planner helps you prepare for a wedding. If you or someone you know are getting married come talk to us.

marital coaching

Common questions to ask before marriage are:

  • Chores: Which chores will each party be responsible for?
  • Bills: How will the bills be paid and who will be responsible for them?
  • Health: What happens when one party is injured or gets sick?
  • Children: How many children will we have and how will they be taken care of?
  • Fear: What happens when one person feels unworthy or neglected? What happens when one party feels love and the other one doesn't?
  • Symptoms of a troubled relationship: lack of communication, low love bank supply, lack of quality time, and etc.

Coping with premarital/marital issues:

An important part of healing is knowing that you are not alone. Seek support from your friends, family, or faith, or join a support group. Understand that marriage isn't just about the butterfly feelings one gets but the work it takes to keep a relationship thriving. Remember that marriage isn't perfect and just like a house, marriages have leaks that require fixing every now and then. If both parties are willing to do the work, you can have a successful marriage.

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