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Self/Life Development involves a person gradually growing, as it relates to character, abilities, and/or gifts. The task of developing can be quite scary. It was for me. Finding out who I am, what my gifts are, why I didn't fit in with the crowd, why I was born, what my purpose is in life, and how my personality and gifts fit into that purpose, was an absolute whirl wind. I was scared of failing, scared of looking stupid, and even afraid of actually being successful. What I found out is that being me is the best gift in life but I had to develop myself. What I saw in myself had to manifest outside of me in order for the world to see it and be blessed by it.

Work on what makes you, you. Fulfill your dreams. Don't let anything stop of hinder you. The only thing that can stop you is you. Developing the self takes a lot of encouragement from yourself and others. Every goal reached is another step toward being the best you, the only you, God created you to be. That's the amazing journey that Majestic Talks wants to be a part of. Contact us. You'll be glad you did and so will we.


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